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Meet our Team Featuring Bud

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Meet our Team Featuring Bud

Meet our Team Featuring Bud

Meet our Team:  Bud

Q:  How long have you worked for Green Lawn?

A:  Since 2019, this will be my sixth irrigation season with Green Lawn.

Q:  What do you like best about working here in the sprinkler business?

A:  Every day is different.  With my knowledge and experience, I like being a mentor to others when questions come up; this team is willing to help each other out.   I enjoy working in healthy outdoor environments, which promotes mental and physical health.  One of my favorite parts of the workday is customer interaction.  I meet many people from varying backgrounds and personalities; it keeps my day interesting and makes my work even more enjoyable. 

From a young age and under the influence of my Dad, I grew up with a green thumb.  I have always had an interest in this industry.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture and have worked in the green industry throughout my career since.  Prior to joining Green Lawn, I worked for retail green businesses, so the hours I work are much better now.  The flexibility has been great in this family-oriented business and field of work.

Q:  Tell us more about life outside of work.

A:  The hours and flexibility have helped me meet my family goals and commitments.  I have a wife and two children in preschool and school aged activities.  Beyond the structured activities they have, we enjoy time together as a family going on nature hikes, swimming, cookouts, and Woodchucks baseball games.  I’m in the family mode years right now, so outside of work, my time is spent taking in all our family interests and activities.  From swim and violin lessons to coin club with my daughter and everything in-between, It’s a good balance of work and play.  I’m also a big fan of Sprint car races!

Bud’s Irrigation Team Role:  Irrigation Service Technician throughout the season, from Spring Start-ups to service and repairs as needed during the season and fall shutdown/winterization of the season. 

Bud’s unique qualities:  Bud came to our company with a degree in Horticulture from UW River Falls, as well as many years of green industry experience.   He has exceptional plant species knowledge and provides excellent customer service.  “Long story short” (a famous Bud-ism if you have spent any time talking with him), Bud always has a story to share with anyone he meets!  We appreciate his rapport with customers, high level customer service and willingness to share knowledge.  He is a valued member of our team!