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Meet our Team Featuring Reed
Meet our Team Featuring Reed

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Meet our Team:  Reed

Meet our Team Featuring Reed

Q:  How long have you been with Green Lawn?

A:  Since 2022, this will be my third irrigation season with Green Lawn.

Q:  What do you like best about working at here in the sprinkler business?

A:  "Who I'm working with and where I go each day.  I like the group of people I'm working with and that I'm always going somewhere new each day.  I enjoy the freedom and independence to complete my daily work schedule and appreciate the support from Green Lawn for my racing through sponsorship and a flexible work schedule during the winter months." 

Q:  Tell us more about life outside of work.

A:  "Love living life while I'm young!"  The winter schedule flexiblity allows me to race snowmobiles and grow in the sport, with time to travel and race."

Reed has been racing oval sleds for eight years.  Additional time flexiblity in the winter has allowed him to race locally in Wausau, Eagle River, Three Lakes, and Michigan, as well as adding international racing this winter in Canada!  He looks forward to racing two sleds professionally next season, moving up in the rankings and increasing his international race opportunity.  

Reed's Irrigation Team Role:  Leading an Irrigation Install Crew throughout the summer, and Spring Start-up and Fall Shut down/Winterization service.  

Reed's unique qualities:  Excellent mechanical skills give him the ability to work on equipment repair and maintenance and shop projects that need to be completed outside of the irrigation work season.  We are thankful to have Reed as part of our team!

At Green Lawn, we often get the quesiton, what do you do in the Wisconsin winter season?  While our irrigation season typically runs from April through November, we kick off our season with a spring training series of training days with our team and professional development.  This allows our team to learn new product technology, and refine and enhance the knowledge they already have, to bring our customers the best and highest level of irrigation service.   Annual training also provides our team the opportunity to learn and grow.  The winter season allows our team with a more flexible work schedule, and time to work on vehicle, equipment organization and maintenance, inventory and other shop projects.